Stocks Fall as Hopes For a Fiscal Cliff Solution Grows Dim

Stocks Finish The Week at their Lows – Volatility Surges Higher The Stock Market  spent the majority of the past week in the red as hope for a fiscal deal faded.  The S&P 500 opened at it’s highs for the week on Monday morning but from then on steadily sold off throughout the week. On … Continue reading

Stocks Continue Higher – Showrooming Is Here To Stay

  Stocks Record Gains For The Second Week In A Row The stock markets began the week by selling off on Monday and Tuesday on fears that Congressional leaders and the White House would not come to an agreement on the Fiscal Cliff anytime soon.  However the markets recovered on Wednesday morning and from that … Continue reading

The Holiday Season Kicks Off With The Best Gains in Weeks

Markets Rally While Congress Goes Away It was the first good week for the stock market since September.  With Congress in recess for the Thanksgiving Holiday, there was not the “Fiscal Cliff” overhanging the markets and stocks responded favorably.  Entering the week the markets were also as technically oversold as they had been in six … Continue reading

Stock Markets Continue To Retreat From the Fiscal Cliff

Stock Markets Continue To Give Back their 2012 Gains Fears of the Fiscal Cliff continued to weigh heavily on the stock markets during this past week.  The S&P 500 reached it’s highs for the week soon after the markets opened on Monday morning.  However the markets failed to hold their Monday morning gains and stocks … Continue reading

Stock Markets Sell Off as The “Fiscal Cliff” Arrives

Stock Markets Give Back More of 2012 Gains The 2012 election came and went this week and was the primary catalyst for much of the movement in the stock markets worldwide.  The markets began the week with promising economic news from the ISM Non-Manufacturing (Services) Index which represents approximately 80% of the USA economy. The … Continue reading

Sandy Devestates the East Coast – Job Market Contiues to Improve

Hurricane Sandy Creates Havoc Throughout the USA  To state the obvious, the event creating the greatest impact this past week was Hurricane Sandy.  Much of the eastern section of the USA is dealing with Sandy’s aftermath and this will continue for days and weeks to come.  Power for hundreds of thousands of people will not … Continue reading

Earnings Disappoints the Markets – America’s Energy Future Brightens

Markets Sell off as Earnings Continue to Disappoint It was a rough week for the stock markets as each attempt to establish gains quickly came to an end.  The markets could not maintain any positive momentum whatsoever even with earnings help from some key companies.  Facebook for example initially gained 22% when the company reported … Continue reading

Markets a “Tie” for the Week – Consumers are Feeling Better

Technology Stocks Bring the Stock Markets Back Down Stock markets in the USA surged  higher on Monday and continued higher all the way into Thursday Morning as the S&P 500 got within 4 points of making a new 5 year high.  But then on Thursday Google mistakenly filed their earnings reports several hours ahead of … Continue reading

Stocks Close Down for the Week – While the Fiscal Cliff Approaches

  USA Markets Suffers Worst Week Since June This week, stock markets  in the USA gave back some of their recent gains from the past few weeks.  The market got off to a slow start on Monday as the World Bank lowered it’s growth projections for the Asia region.   On Tuesday, the entire financial sector … Continue reading

Controversy Follows Employment Report – Stocks Near 5 Year Highs.

USA Markets Close Near Five Year Highs It was another good week for the stock markets on a global basis.  The markets moved higher in response  to some surprisingly strong economic reports that were released this week.  The S&P 500 gained 1.5% and closed on Friday near it highs for the week at 1,461. The … Continue reading

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